Mission Statement

Our mission statement:
“That the United States and the world might know Christ through  example”.

Statement of Faith:
1. We believe the Bible is the inspired, the only infallible authority of God. We believe it to be God’s Word. We believe there is one God in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19
2. We believe that man is lost and undone and needs a Savior to avoid judgement. We believe that Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ. Luke 24:46-47.
3. We believe the true Christians have the Holy Spirit inside their being and can live a Holy life. John 3:5-8.

4.  We believe that God gives Christians spiritual gifts, one of which may be the ability to share faith using the written word, aka-“blogging”.  Our hope is that our bloggers would see this as a mission in their lives, to make a difference in the United States and the world by using the written word.  If this is your heart, please join us in  “blog 31 days”.

Definitions @ Blog 31 Days

1964 Encyclopedia World Book Dictionary.

Getting Started


• Blog 31 Days-
A blogging campaign where participants share their thoughts in a blog. This campaign is done during the 31 day months of the year. Our campaigns vary so keep up with us on our
website. Our first campaign is August, 2017 : Other possible campaigns- January,
March, May, July, August, October, December.

• Blog-
To blog is to “write” on a website sharing your thoughts with others. Blog comes from the
words web-log; blog.

• Blogger-
A person who blogs is called a blogger. Bloggers share information, encourage the masses
and make a difference in their circle of influence.

• Blogging-
Blogging is the act of writing or “blogging”.  Blogging is writing and “blogging” or sharing your ideas on a website or online format. We recommend a blog post being at least 300 words or more.

• Email-
Electronic mail is a way of communicating on the internet.

• Christian Faith– Followers of Christ.  See our mission statement HERE.

• Link Tool-
In order to link our blogs together, we use a system which requires a “link tool”. This
link tool is a code especially prepared for website use. Visit this link tool HERE to “Blog31days”.  Be sure to practice before the first day in order to be ready to link up.   To get the link tool Click HERE.  It is simple and easy to use.

• Share Button-
So that your image or logo can be used with the link tool, you will need to prepare an
image or “share button”. For our use it needs to be sized 125 x 125. Click HERE for more
information about how to create a share button. You can create a share button at Canva, Pic Monkey, Cool Text.com or some other software for logo making.

• Subscribe-
We want you to be informed, so to do that we have an email listing that you can be a part of
which will let you know of the up and coming blog parties. Please subscribe HERE.

What is Blog 31 Days?



•What is Blog 31 Days? As of July 15, 2017 the results for blogging 31 days was 87,000 articles. Can you imagine all of the writing and blogging going on during the months of 31 days? That is our focus, 31 days of writing; one blog a day for 31 days and we do this on months of the year that have 31 days. If you already know how to link up go here-

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•What is a blog and who can be a part of this Blog 31 Days project? A blog is a web-log or “blog”.  Bloggers are people who write using the world wide web to distribute their thoughts. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO PARTICIPATE-

We welcome bloggers to be a part of this venture. A blogger is one who has something important, useful, unique and even sometimes earth-shaking to say. Bloggers use a computer to “blog” and generally blogs are entered on a web page. (See our mission statement.)  We reserve the right to remove any blog for reasons inappropriate to our mission.

You can get a free website or “blog” or purchase a paid one. CLICK HERE for more information.

•What is the process to be a part of Blog 31 Days.The biggest thing about blogging 31 days is being passionate about a topic so much that you have enough information to share every day for 31 days.  There is definitely a process to do this so  Click Here for the How To of Blog 31 Days.

Click here to link up-

Can I submit two or more Blog 31 Days series?

No. Only one blog post per day is accepted using our Blog 31 Day series. Any duplicates will be deleted.

How do I link up to include my blog on the Blog 31 Days entries? Click HERE to learn how to LINK UP.

How do I find my link once I’ve entered it?

To find your link, simply go to the category that you chose and look for your thumb print.  Carefully search entries or even use the “search” area on Blog 31 Days. If you do not see your blog, review the rules for participating section. Blog 31 Days has specific rules of behavior expected and we reserve the right to monitor our site. No advertising is permitted. No self-aggrandizing or promotional material is permitted.  See our mission statement also.

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Our Updates and Newsletter

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2017 Blog Party

Categories for your blogging experience:

About Me, Experiences, Life Events


Blogging, Computer, Internet, Journaling, Writing

Cooking, Food, Recipes

Family and Friends

Home and Garden

How To

Faith and Inspiration

Personal/ Miscellaneous Topics

Sports, Fitness, Wellness

World Travel

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How Can I Blog 31 Days™?

I Want To Blog 31 Days™- How Do I Participate?

Greetings and thank you for visiting “Blog 31 Days™”. Here you’ll find a way in which you can blog everyday for 31 days and literally have something to show for it at the end of the month! If every you had trouble staying on task as a blogger, here is your change to change your world and reinvent yourself as a serious blogger!

If you’re about making a difference in the lives of others, this is definitely for you! (Our Mission Statement). If you have a yearning inside to lead, guide, and influence, Blog 31 Days™ just might be what you need to push forward. Perhaps you’re a sporadic writer and need a consistent path for getting your words, thoughts and ideas out; this may be for you.

Blog 31 Days has been set up to bring about success in the many, many bloggers who want, need and even crave a consistent plan for their writing. The exciting part about this program is that not only can you blog but you can share with others and collaborate with folks about your blogging.

Your Plan for Success

To be successful, you must first be a writer, blogger, and lover of words.  You probably enjoy ideas stories and all that goes with it.  You probably have pens, pencils and journals in your home and lots of them!

To be successful at Blog 31 Days, you must love the idea that you’re going to write about. Here are 10 steps for success at Blog 31 Days™:

1. Join our Writing Group and Email Listing! It’s FREE!

2. Choose A Topic
Here’s the way it works. You will choose a topic that you truly love and one in which you can write about for 31 days. Yes, 31 days. ( And, some of those days are surely going to be long because life happens?  Life happens?)

You must be able to love this topic enough to spend a great deal of time and effort blogging about it so choose well. This would be something that you enjoy, want to learn more about and even want to share with others.  You might be an expert about this topic but you don’t have to be. This may be the very topic in which you gain your expertise as your research, write and blog.

3. Select a Category

We have selected 11 Categories from which to choose. Your topic will fit under one of these categories. At a given time, you will sign up with your topic beneath one of those categories. IMPORTANT- You can only sign up under one category. (Blog 31 Days reserves the right to remove any duplicate blogs or users. See rules for participation).

Choose a category to go along with your blogging idea

~About Me/ My Life
~Faith and Inspiration
~Family and Friends
~How To

~Create a Blog or Share Button

Create a blog or share button for your topic. It will be important for you to make your share button title catchy and interesting so as to encourage readers to click on it. Think carefully about what you will title your blog button. Share buttons should be 125 x 125 and can be made using Pic Monkey, Canva, Ribbet or other editing software.   It is always good to use your own photograph or image but there are many free art images in the public domain that can be used. For more information on making a blog button click here.

5. Begin to Blog and Develop your Idea. You will really need to focus on your theme and topic in order to put out a blog post every day. Generally a blog post should be approximately 400-700 words. (CLICK HERE for ideas about blogging topics)

In order to sign up for this Blog 31 Days, Click Here and be sure to follow the directions from all of the emails on the way to you!

6. Join our Facebook Group in order to read about successes and down times of others. This will give you opportunity also to chime in yourself. CLICK HERE to join the Blog 31 Facebook page.

7. Visit the Tips and Tricks Section for ideas to help you find success.
8. Review the Link Tool for linking up your blog. CLICK HERE for the Link Tool. Practice this tool.
9. Visit our Products Page and select from a variety of t-shirts, hats, pens and journals.

10.  Blog, blog, blog...celebrating every night with one of these things will make you happy.  (Click Here to Celebrate)

So that everyone will be able to follow your blog on your website. Make it easy for them by linking all of your 31 days writings to one beginning post.  Here’s how to do that:

On your own blog, you will set up a post to give a caption for every single day that you write.  For example if you are writing about “How to change the world”, you will create a page called just that and on that page number from 1-31 ( 31 days of writing).  Each day as you blog you will link your day-blogging to that day. For example:  On day 1 you might have an introduction so your page will look like this:

How To Change The World

Day 1- Introduction ( and you will link the introduction blog to this). On your 2nd days you might blog about “Changing the world is not easy”.

Day 2- Changing the World is Not Easy ( You will return to the “How To Change the World” page to link up day 2 and day 3 and so on until at the end of your 31 days your whole 31 day series(all 31 individual blogs)  is linked on the “How To Change The World” page on your own personal blog.People can then go to your website and click on your “How To Change The World” page to find your whole 31 day series. They can follow along as your blog from day 1 all of the way to day 31.  Fun times and lots of visitors!

Don’t forget to also LINK UP with the LINK TOOL in order for your thumb print to show your work on this Blog31Day August 2017 challenge.  Link up HERE.

You only have 6 days in which to link up so hurry!