Tips and Tricks

Thank you for visiting our Blog 31 Days “Tips and Tricks” section.

In order to find success in this Blog 31 Days project, you will need information about some important things:

1. How to have a website of your own. There are many places in which you can find help in this area. Please consider these ideas. You can choose to have a domain name such as or you might prefer to use a company’s blog such as
your  One is a paid website and the other is a free website.  There is more flexibility with a paid website and there are often limitations with a free website.  You can always use a free website and change to a paid website.  To participate in Blog 31 Days you will need a platform for sharing your work and a website will do the trick!  Decide which website type you will use.  If you already have a blog, you’re good to go.

2. What to name your blog. The most effective blog names are those relevant to your drum beat(What do you love?)  and something short and simple.  If you’re bent on writing about animals, choose an animal name or focus.  Say you enjoy sewing, then figure our some catchy “Nit and Stitch” type name. You may enjoy inspirational writings and you could select a name such as “Jesus My Heart”. Whatever you choose, be sure that you focus on your “main” love so that you can zero in on that focussed area for writing.

3. You’ll need a topic and name for the “blog31day” article you’re writing.  We have chosen 11 categories for our bloggers.  You will list your article under “one” of those categories.  Your article should have a name that is catchy, interesting and that will lure folks to your blog.  Think carefully about what you will name your blog article. I’m thinking about an article such as:  “10 Things Every Blogger Should Do”.

4. How to link with others will be “yuge!” Also, you’ll need a thumb-sized logo or blog button.  In order to link with others and have your work show up among the other bloggers, you will “link up”.  Be sure to practice this before the link goes live.  CLICK HERE  for  more information.

5. Having a place in your home that is designated for you to blog will be paramount. It should be away from the noise and movement of things going on. It should be comfortable and a place where there is little distraction.  A writing desk, corner, office or quiet spot is very important if you’re going to be a dedicated blogger for 31 days.  As it is, life happens so be sure to set yourself up in a blogging-type environment.

6. Creating a folder in your computer and naming it “Blog 31 Days” will help you focus on the task at hand. This will be a place to gather all of your writings.  Name and date this folder.

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