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On August 1-6 these links will go “live” and allow YOU to join our blog 31 days party.  In order to be a part there are several things you must do. Please read our statement of faith, take a look at the “how to blog page”  and read this so you will know how to link up. It is quite simple but you will need to join the link up page and use their link to “link up”. Just join and follow directions here.

The categories below are important. You must choose ONE category under which you will link up to in order to participate.

~About Me, Experiences, Life~


Blogging, Computer, Internet, Journaling, Writing

Cooking, Food, Recipes

Family and Friends

Faith and Inspiration

Home and Garden

How To

Personal/ Miscellaneous Topics

Sports, Fitness, Wellness

World Travel

Please select one category and write one blog. Multiple categories will be removed. In addition, our focus is to make a positive difference so please blog in order to change the world for the good. The Blog31Days group reserves the right to remove ill-fitted blogs.(You’re so nice and we’re nice, so please don’t cause a kerfuffle.)

On your own blog, you will set up a page to give a caption for every single day that you write.  For example if you are writing about “How to change the world”, you will create a page called just that and on that page number from 1-31.  Each day as you blog you will link your day-blogging to that day. For example:  On day 1 you might have an introduction so your page will look like this:

How To Change The World

Day 1- Introduction ( and you will link the blog to this).

Day 2- Changing the World is Not Easy ( You will return to the “How To Change the World” page to link up day 2 and day 3 and so on until at the end of your 31 days your whole 31 day series is linked on the “How To Change The World” page on your own personal blog. Visit HERE to better understand how to blog 31 days.