Today I Joined Bloglovin’

Well, I’ve heard of Bloglovin before but have never joined so today in honor of Blog 31 Days and it being a month of well, 31 days, I joined.

Here is a little information :

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Also, I’ve been on Pinterest but want to renew my commitment to better pics and info. Check it out!

Well, Phooey! I’m Still Blogging!

Well, phooey!  Only a handful “liked” my blog yesterday!  Phooey again!  It was concise, encouraging and had a little “ring” to it..”Blah! Blah! Blah! Blog”.  Don’t you think that’s cute?  Well only a handful “liked” it meaning only and handful either “got it” or really “liked it”.

That’s what blogging is all about folks.  Sometimes readers like what you write and sometimes they don’t. You just cannot and I repeat cannot let it get you down. You have to forge forward with your mission.

Right now I’m on a mission to write 31 days. I’m blogging on chickens… I know, “chickens?”  Well, it’s what you do when you have 40 folks.  They are your life, basically and you just write about them cause it’s what you do!  And, let me say, #chickenlivesmatter too!  <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Check out my blog on my chickens… </a>

Okay?  If not, I’m going to say “phooey!”

Bye for now ya’ll!


Blah, Blah, Blah, Blog

Hey! Are you blogging? Are you? Is it just inside of your being to want to put words down?

Well, I am on a mission! I wish I could feel this way all of the time! I am writing day and night, night and day and so happy. I’m so happy. It’s as if everything is a story! My daughter will say something, or I will see something, or I’ll hear something and I run to my go-to journal to write down my very thought so I won’t forget it.

Next month we’re going to take a journey together where we “Blog 31 Days”. I am hoping that you will take this trip with me. It will require A LOT and I mean a lot. You’ll have to blog, blog, blog, blog! But, if that’s what you love… hey….

Check out our links about the “Blog 31 Days” event up and coming and take part. Okay?


Welcome To Blog 31 Days

Welcome to Blog31Days. I’m so happy you found us!  I’m so happy we found you!  What a possible team! Ha!

The focus of this site is to  get folks just like you happily blogging and to allow us to help you focus on what you really, really care about.   The blogging phenom has really hit the fan and if you’re not in that fan club, it’s time to jump on board.  Take your time and go through our site and prepare to join us in August for our first “Blog 31 Days” event!  Are you in?  I hope so…