What Is Blog 31 Days?

What is Blog 31 Days?

As of July 15, 2017 the results on Google search for blogging 31 days was 87,000 articles. Can you imagine all of the writing and blogging going on during the months that have 31 days? That is our focus, 31 days of blogging; one blog a day for 31 days. We do this on months of the year that have 31 days. Here are the categories that will go live on August 1

I hope you will join us to begin the process of blogging for 31 days straight. Should you choose to do this, you might begin your first novel, you could blog about family and friends or family or friends. You could begin your first ebook. You could blog a bit about books, bowling, beauty, or wisdom, writing and winning or any number of topics. NOW is your time to get in a groove to do something significant.

The last time I wrote for 31 days, this was the results. I’m now blogging about blogging! Ha!

A 31 day challenge could do this for you. It would basically push you to write every single day and at the end of that time, be able to show something for your effort.

The idea of blogging in a sequence of 31 days is often credited to Problogger, who suggested that in 31 days a person could “Build a Better Blog”. Myquillyn Smith blogged for 31 days as “The Nester”, writing about home decorations and such and if you scour the www, you’ll see thousands and thousands of others blogging 31 days. It’s amazing.

The word blog and the act of blogging comes from a web-log, or blog. To blog is to use the international world wide web to write about things of interest to you. This would be considered a “blog”. Millions of internet users have “blogs”. Our focus is to bring together a group of people who enjoy sharing their thoughts and idea so that we can “blog a better world™”.

Our program of “Blog 31 Days” gathers together a group of faith-based Christians with like minds. Check out our mission statement.

To blog everyday for 31 days will give a writer 31 days to : begin a new book, start a story , design a webinar, develop a plot, blog an article a day or more.  Blogging for 31 days will offer a stable environment with the expectation that someone will read your work.  This offers bloggers far and wide to participate together. Don’t miss this event beginning August 1- If you really want to join in this event for free, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Here are the categories that you can choose- Check them out!